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Important Policies and Procedures


Cancellations: Late Cancellations - Fees vary based on location of original pick-up point or service area (i.e. ASAP’s corporate owned location vs. affiliate market). Cancellation within ASAP’s corporate owned locations (NY/NJ/SwCT) must be made (1) hour prior to scheduled pick up for sedans and (24) hours for specialty vehicles. Full rate including gratuities will be charged for all late cancellations.

Cancellation for affiliate markets require (24) hours prior to scheduled pick up for sedans and (48) hours for specialty vehicles.

**Please take into consideration the TIME ZONE for the respective market. The cancellation policy adheres to the actual PICKUP TIME within each individual market. This is considerably important in determining possible late cancel charges.

No Show: A reservation is considered a “No Show” if the passenger cannot be located or contacted within: (a) one-hour for airport pick-ups {time starts when the plane has arrived at the gate} and (b) 30-minutes at other pick-up locations (home, office, hotel, etc).  Full rate including gratuities will be charged for all No Shows.

Wait Time: On Airport departures, (from home, office, hotel, etc), the first 15 minutes are considered a ‘Grace Period’.  After the initial 15 minutes, if the client arrives after this time, waiting time charges are retroactive to the time of scheduled chauffeured transportation departure.  Waiting time charges are based on vehicle type and are accrued per quarter hour.

Charges for Airport arrivals are seldom never inucurred because of ASAP’s state-of-the-art technology. ASAP’s software is constantly being updated with up to the minute arrival times and gate changes through an FAA/Federal Aviation Administration approved Satellite feed into our system. These changes are electronically transmitted to the chauffeurs. The only time a traveler incurs a waiting charge is in the event that a carrier looses luggage or the airport cannot provide a gate connection upon arrival.

Tolls: Tolls are charged as incurred while client is in vehicle. They are not pre-calculated or charged roundtrip.

Airport Fee: ASAP does not inflate the cost of parking or charge an "airport fee". We simply charge the parking fee as incurred. On average in the NYC Tri State Area, the fee is $6.00.

Taxes: As incurred (If Imposed) TT/AA Tax /Port Authority, Local, State or Federal Government Implied Tax.

Gratuities: 20%

STF: ASAP does not charge a Surface Transportation Fee.

Extra Stops: In-route Extra Stops in the same town are $20.00, Extra Stops in a different town (in-route) are $30.00. Extra Stops in NYC are $10 within 10 blocks, $20.00 within 20 blocks and $30 for any stop that is more then 20 blocks from the final destination. Out-of-route extra stops are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Fuel Surcharge (FSC): ASAP does not charge a fuel surcharge.

Early Morning/Late Night Surcharge: An additional charge of $15.00 will be applied to the base rate of reservations that are scheduled between the hours of 12:00AM (midnight) and 04:59 A.M..

Holiday Surcharge: An additional charge of $25.00 will be applied to the base rate on the following holidays: Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, and after 5PM on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Please note that local holidays in countries outside the United States may also be subject to the holiday surcharge and will be quoted at the time of booking.

Meet and Greet: Meet and Greet charges vary by location and/or local airport, FAA requirements and regulations. Typically, passengers will be met at the baggage claim area for all domestic arrivals and outside of the customs area for international arrivals. At the time of booking the passenger/arranger will be advised of the meet locations and such locations will appear on the traveler’s confirmation documents. Remember to request a trip confirmation sent to you by either fax or eMail. Passengers are met with an ASAP sign bearing the passenger’s name or pseudonym of choice.

Hourly: ASAP has a 2 hour minimum for all hourly reservations with 1 hour garage time for reservations within North America. For service outside North America, service is billed at the normal hourly rate plus additonal mileage fees if applicable.

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