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For Immediate Release:
Moe Latif, cell 732-947-8279, [email protected]

ASAP Transportation leads to Innovations in pricing and services.

ASAP Transportation, chauffeured ground transportation company located in Edison, NJ. ASAP founder and president Moe Latif, who opened the company in 1984.

Unlike most companies that add numerous fees to their rates: administration fees, fuel surcharges, pre-calculated tolls, parking fees etc....asap instituted a simplified rates structured consisting solely of the trip fare plus gratuities, tolls are a pass through-as incurred charge.This pricing structure along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee has lead to an explosive growth at the company, ASAP is one of the fastest growing ground transportation companies in the tri-state area today. A more client friendly approach, means big saving for corporations on their ground program yet the service is far from compromised. Investment in state-of-the-art technology and fleet upgrades, along with a more consumer centric approach has escalated their presence in the corporate marketplace.

Additionally, an extensive affiliate network allows them to reach markets nationwide enabling a seamless reservation process for the individual traveler or their many travel agent partners.

“Businesses need reliable, cost effective service priced for actual use, not inflated costs to protect against the transportation company’s cost of doing business,” Peralta said. “We’re here to make a real difference for corporate travelers.”


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